Venus & Mars, Introduction

For many reasons, women and men view the world and relationship very differently. Hormones importantly impact mood but few people are aware that men also have a monthly cycle. And while this cycle impacts mood and behavior in both men and women there is another, often not unrecognized impact hormones have on relations between the sexes.

“It’s well documented that when women live or work closely together, they often start menstruating together… Something similar may happen between a husband and his wife… the man… may change his behavior in response to his mate’s monthly cycle…

Female and male cultural norms play an important part in behavior, social and religious upbringing can enhance a relationship as well as cause friction. Our environment impacts mood, stressors such as job security, the impact of the common cold: hormones can magnify stress and result in friction, arguing. Under these conditions understanding between Mars and Venus, man and woman breaks down and relationship may enter troubled waters.


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