The “Addictions,” Introduced

Ask the smoker to recall that first cigarette and most would describe the feeling as “sick” rather than “pleasurable.” Ask the drinker whether that first beer tasted good and most will shake their head. What likely began as a childhood effort to “fit in” feel “grown up” ends as a lifetime habit of self-harm which we convince ourselves is “fun” and/or necessary!

Addict behavior is intentional self-harm. It impacts our entire life, from health to intimate relationship. We all know that cigarettes and alcohol impact health and life expectancy. But how much do we pay for these consequences? A pack of cigarettes a day at today’s prices costs  approximately $2000.00 per year; alcohol varies according to preference. But even a weekly 12-pack of beer at $20 per comes in at over $1,000.00 per year (a baseline for calculating by amount used).  And then there are the added consequences of legal consequence involved with street or prescription drugs.

If you want to make a new start Recovery Virginia is a proven program to make it happen. Recipient of the Governor’s Award in 2003 this program can help make your choice of sobriety a reality.

If you have a question regarding a personal issue please contact David Turner, LCSW by the Reply Form appearing at the bottom of this and all pages on this website.


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