Meet David Turner, LCSW


In today’s economy, with job security seemingly a receding memory and replacement employment more difficult than ever to find, anxiety and depression, stress in relationship and marriage is increasing and all too common and painful. It is also unnecessary. Too many people resort to alcohol and other drugs as “escape” resulting in hurting not only themselves but those closest who do not deserve being victimized. Intoxicants are an “escape” that only turns a “bad” situation into a “disaster.”

David Turner, LCSW, has been a practicing clinician for nearly 40 years. Assisting people to overcome depression and anxiety, to repair relationships seemingly in free-fall are among his areas of specialization.

At the recommendation of Virginia Department of Corrections (DOC) for creating a drug treatment program recognized effective in helping newly released offenders to maintain sobriety and support their successful transition to life outside incarceration, Governor Douglas Wilder recognized David Turner with the 1996 Governor’s Award for Anti-drug Efforts in Treatment.


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